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Advanced Website system

Some of our features include the following:

•             We can setup a website  while we meet for only R2500   (this fee include your training to do your own updates)

•             You have full support after the website is up and running , you consultant is always a phone call  or email away

•             Unlimited number of pages

•             e-commerce enabled (online shop)

•             We get your business onto Google (you can add your own keywords as well for Google to pick up your website)

•             Never again be charged for website updates you can do your own updates.

•             Hosting from R150+vat per month and a R200 once off registration for the domain.

•             This is a South African Based company so you don’t need to call overseas to get help with your website.

•             We have created the easiest website management software. 

               Contact us today and have your website. 

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